Friday, May 18, 2007

Last minute details...

I found out that today was the deadline for ordering robes from the UO bookstore...this is pretty much a given with me and the way things work. I either find out just before the deadline or just after...I never have "plenty of time." So, phew! Rental gown: ordered. Commencement fee: paid. Major colour: pink. (You should see Dave's gown--that is a lot of pink.) Who decided bubble-gum pink would be the perfect Music Major colour?...don't answer that.

Just getting my outline together for my lecture, and I'll have a few run-throughs with Dave before leaving on Wednesday.

I need to re-do some of my video clips today and compile a DVD of my lecture examples. I'd decided to do demonstrations of the exercises on video rather than fly out with my oboe and risk the insane unpredictability of my reeds in a live demonstration. I'll mainly be lecturing anyway...lots of time for reeds to dry out. Not good for subtle exercises.

OK. Panic starting to settle in. I've been reading the Inner Game of Music, so I'm going to try this technique of "experiencing" the panic...letting the feeling wash over me. I'll survive.

5 days until I'm in Eugene--hopefully one week from today, I will have very happy news to report! Keep sending the good vibes, prayers, thoughts, incantations, etc. my way!! Thanks!

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