Tuesday, May 15, 2007

8 days to go...

The countdown to my lecture begins! I just sent off the second draft of my document (down to 90 pages...+bibliography), and I'm flying out to Oregon next Wednesday. If anyone is close to Eugene and would like to come to my lecture, here is the most publicizing I will do:

Thursday, May 24, 10:00am, Collier House: Jillian Camwell Lecture, "The Flexibility Exercises of Ray Still: A Study of the Pedagogical and Practical Uses and Benefits for Breath and Embouchure Development."

Friday, May 25, 9:30am, Collier House Basement: Jillian Camwell Lecture-Document Oral Defense

The end is in sight.

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Jill Cathey said...

Wish I could go, it's a bit too far (10 hours by car); but I am really interested in your topic! Went to a masterclass with Mr. Still in about 96. I would love to read your paper (later of course!) if that would be ok with you...
Please be sure and blog all about your experience! Didn't realize you were getting your degree in Eugene (I went to the Stacy Seminar there years ago).