Tuesday, May 22, 2007

There she is...Miss Oboe

One of my piano students asked me after his lesson yesterday, "if you could play any instrument other than the piano, what would you play?" I answered, "well, actually, I do play another instrument. I play the oboe." (No point going into "the English horn" as well...) Him: "Really? Isn't that a form of the clarinet?" (He's in the 5th grade...not too far off...) Me: "No, not really..." (brief explanation) Him: "Miss Iowa came to our school and played the oboe for us."



Me: "Seriously?" Him: "Yeah, she played it in high school."

Not typically an instrument you associate with a beauty queen. In fact, as I was watching my DVD of my own recording of Still's exercises for my lecture, I thought to myself, there is a reason this instrument had primarily been played by men. Generally, playing the oboe doesn't make our faces look more beautiful. Don't get me wrong, there are some gorgeous women out there playing the oboe. You just don't often see a promo shot of their beautiful face with no lips...well, they'd be rolled in for the embouchure.

Anyway, I looked up "Miss Iowa" and couldn't see anything about oboe playing. Searched for "miss iowa oboe"; it may have been "Miss Iowa Miss" who, according to her bio, played the piano, flute, piccolo, oboe and violin in high school.

Well, that was probably the funniest thing I heard all day.

The funniest thing that happened all day: going out to the front yard where Dave was watering to tell him I'd finished my first run-through...he drops the hose with the sprayer attached (in "off" position, mind you) to go turn off the water...it hits the ground in just the right way, setting off the trigger, and a full blast of water hits me directly in the eye, then my hair and the rest of my face. I scream and start running away from the hose, which magically follows me and soaks my shirt and pants. Dave runs up to me and says, "I'M SO SORRY!" we collapse laughing on the lawn and I try to get control of the hose to get him back. He's too quick for me. Ah, to be young and silly!

I leave for Eugene tomorrow!! I've done three run-throughs of my lecture, and it's going well. Will do a few more times today. And pack... And teach... And find time to eat... Wish me luck!


T. said...

Hi! I've had so much fun reading your blog. Please tell me there's hope for adult beginners. I've had two lessons and LOVE the oboe but can use all the tips I can get! I find the "attack" thing espceially elusive. Any suggestions? If you have a moment come visit my at http://anesthesioboist.blogspot.com

David said...

Good luck with your lecture in Eugene!!! Have you considered publishing it as an article or online? I'm sure there are many oboists that would be interested. I studied oboe in high school with a former student of Ray Still's, and spent quite a bit of time on various embochure exercises. I enjoy reading your blog and having a glimpse into the world of a professional oboist.

Shauna said...

Go Jill Go!!

I loved your blog post today. I could just picture everything so clearly. Made me laugh! Thanks!!

Good Luck!!

Karmen said...

Luck luck luck!! :)

I'll be there with you, in spirit!