Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lucidity is fun!

I had the strangest dream last night. I got my hair dyed, even though I just had it done this past Thursday. I was so upset at the hair stylist for making me rinse it out myself. She said, "touching people's scalps is just too personal. I don't do it." (You can tell this is the dream, not Thursday's appointment, right?) I was also upset because it looked exactly the same as before I had it done on Thursday. Then my chiropractor (also a new piano student of mine--really--not dream) cut my hair.

I left the salon and went into a big reception room, where many musician friends of mine were hanging out. For some reason, I wasn't wearing pants. Go figure. It was a Cedar Rapids Symphony party, and there were guest artists, orchestra members, and being my dream, many other people I've played with throughout my life. I struck up a conversation with the conductor, Tim (real and in dream), and he told me that while next year's program had been set for the large works, he still hadn't settled on some of the smaller pieces--would I like to pick anything my heart desired to put on one of the concerts? (Dream pressure!) All I could think of were English horn excerpts, so I started listing them. He settled on Roman Carnival Overture by Berlioz, while I was still struggling in vain to think of ANY other pieces! (I love the Berlioz, but I was frustrated at drawing such a large blank.) I woke up muttering the names of other pieces that I couldn't think of in my dream. "mumble, Hadley Symphonic Poem...mumble mumble...Robert Moran..."

Leave it to me to turn a "dream" situation into something stressful...and think about it for the rest of the day. What was that Moran piece I was trying to think of? I'd heard it on the radio and there was a huge English horn cadenza in it. Does anybody know? I looked on, then on to listen to one of the pieces--not that it helped. Of course, I ended up buying a used CD anyway. Baltimore Symphony "Dance Mix". (ArkivMusic link, so you can see the piece titles with composers--not on Amazon.)

Yes, my blogs are like my dreams. Rambling on, jumping from one subject to another, ending mid-thought...

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Pattyoboe said...

Heh ... good old music dreams! I rarely have them any more; I used to constantly have those dreams where I have to play a concert but I know I've never even rehearsed the work and I have a huge solo.

I DO still have "librarian nightmares" because I was music librarian for the symphony. Those are the worst. I wake up and for a moment I think I'm still librarian and I've not done any of my work.

I must confess -- well, I suppose I could not confess and you'd never know! -- that I don't know anything by Robert Moran.

Let's see ... if I could choose one work for the orchestra what WOULD it be? Maybe Ravel Mother Goose Suite (not for the EH part so much as for the last movement). If it were entirely based on the EH part perhaps I'd choose Ravel's Piano Concerto ... and since we are doing that in about a month I guess I should be happy, eh? (Instead I'm worried that I won't have a good reed ... but when I do have a reed I love playing that second movement!)