Wednesday, January 17, 2007

When there's no time to blog, Whoosh!

I had a pretty stressful day today. I'm mid-hoop (as in "jumping through hoops"), spending four hours yesterday and five hours today working on paperwork for my degree...I started this paperwork before Christmas. It's a long story. Anyway, I finally finished the paperwork, and now I'm waiting on some signatures before I get to turn in the paperwork...then I'll have to wait for this committee's approval (I'm told about 3 weeks) before even beginning the interviews I'll be giving for my lecture-document. Phew! It's a long process. I don't mind the hoops so much, but some of them are larger than others. This one isn't hard, it's just very time consuming.

I thought this would be the perfect time for my new bath gel. Let me explain. One of my favourite stores to visit when we go back to Canada is Lush, which sells hand-made soaps, lotions, bath bombs, hair products, and other natural cosmetics. There are some locations in the US, but I got to know Lush very well through its Banff store. If you've never been, you're missing out. They sell soaps in big deli-like slabs, chiseling off blocks and printing out price labels to scan.

One shower gel I just bought has a great name: "Whoosh" Its label is priceless, and quite fitting for a day like today. It reads,
Whoosh Jelly: for use when you are falling behind and can not quite pull it together.
Read its full product description here. Perfect! It's the kind of thing you read and say to yourself, if that works, sign me up. It smells great, too! The whole bathroom is filled with a clean, citrusy floral scent. (I can, however, pull it all together!)

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