Monday, January 15, 2007

Snow Day

Winter has finally arrived. What do you do on a day that is both a snow day and a holiday? Offices are closed, so I can't get to many things on my checklist. Well if you're a kid in my neighbourhood (big or small), you do this:

(The number of kids has tripled since taking this picture.)

If you're an adult, you need to shovel this:

If you are writing a paper, you may need to avoid the roads, forgo the gym and face this:

And if you're a musician, this may be calling your name:

I get to do it all! ;) Except the sledding. :(

What I really want to do today is finish my scarf. I hit a snaffoo (that word isn't in the dictionary, so I'm just going to pretend that's how it's spelled) last week, and Katrina saved me with the help of digital pictures and several emails back and forth. Thanks, Katrina! Here's how the scarf is progressing (not too much further to go!...realistically, it won't happen today). Fanny is there for perspective.

Fanny says it's very soft and warm.

Finally, here's what Dave and I did yesterday (again, very icy roads--it was a day at home). We added two bookshelves to the front room; it looks much more complete. I think the bar on the wall is now too long; originally, the material hung horizontally.

To finish off the room, we'd like to replace this director's chair (it's been with us for a while!) with a pair of chairs by the window and a reading lamp in the corner.

Stay warm today, wherever you are!

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Katrina said...

I don't know if Des Moines has a Cost Plus World Market, but when were there this weekend, they had a great sale on furniture. K