Sunday, October 29, 2006

Why don't I feel relieved?

The CRSO concert went really went. I was happy with my solos in the Barber and the Shostakovich, although I could have used a couple more weeks to work on all those notes in the oboe 3 part. Yowza! I've had some really late nights for the past month, so I'm looking forward to a week off before more rehearsals and concerts. The stress level hasn't lifted yet. I usually get a "Phew!" feeling after a tough symphony set (and this one might be the toughest since National Youth Orchestra days), but I have to stay focused and keep studying for my history test on the 9th. If you listen very carefully, you may hear a large "PHHHHHEEEEEEWWWWW!!" after my oral defense on the 13th.

Dave has a big day's the oral defense of his lecture-document. Send him good vibes at 11am PST! Good luck, honey!!!

I bought some candy today. Tomorrow night is "Beggar's Night". I don't know if it's just in Iowa or the Midwest in general, but trick-or-treating is always the night before Halloween. New to us! We (and by "we", I mean "I") should get a bunch of kids at the door. There seems to be a playset in every backyard of our neighbourhood. I can't wait to see all the kiddies in costume! I even have my dinner ready for tomorrow night; I made an extra serving of Thai red curry, so I won't miss any action!

Virtually carve a pumpkin!

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Laura said...

I haven't heard of "Beggar's Night" in this midwestern city, but it sounds fun to me! I love jokes. :)