Monday, October 30, 2006

Congratulations, Dave!!!!

I decided I wanted to upgrade my current husband, so I sent him away, fully expecting to be married to a doctor within a week. Well, as of half an hour ago, I'm now married to Dr. Camwell! He's worked very hard for this, and I'm so proud of him! Congratulations!! For now our mail can be addressed to Dr. and Mrs. Camwell...but not for too long. Dr. and Dr. Camwell has a nice ring to it. We'll be like our chiropractors, Dr. and Dr. Drees...only we have to call them Dr. Cory and Dr. Laura. We'll be Dr. Dave and Dr. Jillian.

Baby, anything you want for dinner tomorrow night--followed by champagne!


Karmen said...

Congrats to Dr. Dave!

Laura said...

Congratulations!!!! Not too much longer for you! :)