Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fairies, tiggers and snares, oh my!

We had a great Discovery (youth pops) concert yesterday with CRSO. Most of the orchestra wore their costumes. I was a fairy princess/ballerina. It started off as a ballerina, but when I went to buy a leotard, I remembered why I didn't normally wear leotards. So I bought pink pajamas instead and threw on my friend's daughter's old tutu (from when she was eight years old...and yes, it fit...though it may not fit her when I give it back this week...strrrrettcccchhh...) I then found a wing/crown/wand package at Walmart, really meant for five-year-olds, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. I also bought some Lady Isotoner slippers (pink, of course) that I will be able to wear again (with my new PJs). The look was completed with some press-on white-glittery eyelashes and some rosy cheeks. (This is what you do when you only have 7 minutes of music to play on a concert...ah, the joys of an auxiliary instrument.)

Here's a link to the rest of the orchestra photos from yesterday. Enjoy!


Laura said...

I love it! Are you going to "repurpose" for Halloween?

Jillian said...

Yup, I think I can comfortably hand out candy in my new pajamas!