Sunday, September 17, 2006

The race is on!

My addiction has started for another season. This would be "The Amazing Race". Amongst the teams are the usual male models (although these two are recovering drug addicts), father-daughter team (although she's gay), gay couple, dating couple (the woman has an artificial leg), two muslim friends, two beauty queens, two cheerleaders, and plenty of other entertaining contestants. I'm amused with the couple from Kentucky; there are subtitles for everything they say. We are currently watching this on DVR, so I don't know who has the advantage yet.

Good news: I have my cell phone back. Note that I did not say "I found my phone." On Friday night, the person who rented the PT Cruiser after me called my home number. My caller ID said "Jill's Cell", and I thought, "YEAH! Someone found it!" To summarize a long and frustrating story on the retrieval of my phone, I finally got it back the next day. I couldn't believe it was in the rental car after all. When we dropped off the car, I'd even brought a flashlight with me to check. So, this caller and I made plans for me to pick it up on Friday night, I ended up at the airport, talking to people who didn't speak English and had no idea what I was talking about (the actual people who'd "rented the car"), missing the end of a recital and most of a reception in Indianola. The girl who'd called stood me up and didn't answer my phone. Anyway, I have it back now...where is it exactly?

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