Friday, September 15, 2006

Find my phone!

Let's play a little game called "Find Jillian's Phone!" It goes like this: leave comments or email me with your guesses as to where in the world I could have left my phone. This is purely hypothetical, of course. But don't include (because I have already hypothetically checked) my car, the rental car, my purse, my jackets, the grocery store, the dentist or the car body shop.

Oh, and if you happen to have my phone, I'll be needing that back now. Thanks.

Let the game begin!

Oh, here's a reminder of what it looks like. And no, I don't know why my eye looks so freaky in this picture. Click on the picture itself and it looks normal.

1 comment:

Karmen said...

Hmm, 'hypothetically' you could look in really bizarre places, like the freezer, the bathroom, or the washing machine. Sometimes looking in strange places helps. You could look inside the piano, under the couch, or behind any couch cushions.

I guess it would be silly to tell you to try phoning it. I'm often switching bags, so I'd look there too.

Hmm, now, where is MY phone? Never mind, it's right beside me :) Best of luck finding your phone, uh, hypothetically.