Thursday, September 14, 2006

New student day

Student #4: a sweet boy, "husky", smart with rhythms, new concepts and even notes...and then it's "Rain Man" for the rest of the lesson. "Did you know that I played with my friend today?" "Did you know my grandma is at my house?" "Did you know that I'm good at video games?" My response is usually "oh really," then I move on to the issue at hand. It was a bit much today. One more student, then maybe it'll be time for a glass of wine...or maybe the wine would help now??

Student #5 should be arriving at 6:30. I'm weary when the mom says, "she just loves her current teacher, but it's too far for us to drive." I just hope it doesn't effect her attitude towards me in our first lesson. It's rare that I have any personality clashes with students, but it's been known to happen, and it mainly happens in situations like this where the student has already made her mind up that she won't have a positive experience. An open mind, that's all I ask.

The PT Cruiser has been groovy. I wish I had more places to take it! I feel like driving up to Target just to get some more use out of it before I have to return it in the morning. In fact, I think that's what I'll do after this next student (and before the wine).

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