Thursday, September 21, 2006

A chill in the air

The air is crisp; fall is upon us. We haven't turned our heater on yet, so it's sweater time inside the house. TV shows are resuming for the season, ensnaring me in their claws. I'm resisting, I'm studying (well, at least I have DVR so I won't miss anything). Today's piece: Mass for Easter Sunday (11th century?...hmmm...look that up, Jill). Side note: tonight is the season premier of Grey's Anatomy....

The chill sometimes doesn't stop at the weather. I was going to write a long blog about something that happened to Dave and a friend of his, but the more I think about it, the less I want to unleash that negativity into Bloggerland. It's good to vent every once in a while, but I've done that with friends already, so anything beyond that is just adding acidity to a situation. I think we all need to take a step back in life and examine what comes out and across. Is that karma? Does "rising above" translate to narcissism? I don't feel like that now, I just feel warmer. The chill doesn't have to get to me.

I'll warm myself up with a cup of hot tea and my favourite cozy socks. I also felt warm and tingly teaching my bright young students today. Both lessons were positive and fun, and I was constantly reminded of how much I love teaching. Is there something in the air? I've read a few blogs on this subject recently...

Tomorrow Dave and I are heading to Cedar Rapids. My dress rehearsal is tomorrow night, then we'll spend the night there and the following day in Iowa City. We'll go to Eble Music and visit David Hempel, and we'll trek over to Prairie Lights Bookstore, one of my favourite bookstores in the world! It's another simple pleasure that warms me up. I just love walking around bookstores, taking in the quiet atmosphere, and making mental wish lists of the hundreds of books I'll never have time to read in this life. My close friends know two things about me: I LOVE books, and I'm the world's slowest reader. I have piles of waiting books that I've bought or received as presents, and I still want more! I can never get enough. I long for the day when I can read a novel without the guilt that comes from constant studying. So keep those book exchanges and gifts coming. I promise I'll get to them eventually. In the meantime, I'll satisfy my urges by walking around the bookstore on Saturday. I'll be so happy for the concert that night! Pines will never have sounded better!

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