Monday, September 25, 2006

Next up: Shostakovich 10 and Philip Smith!!

I'm not feeling well today (as was evident in my last almost-post...I felt suddenly ill and had to lie down immediately, pressing "publish post" instead of "save draft"...some of you may have been confused by my half-sentence about half an hour ago), otherwise I'd be 1) studying (today on the program: Symphonic Poems) and/or 2) practicing. Shostakovich 10 has A LOT of notes in it!

The Cedar Rapids Symphony concert went really well. I really grew to love Elgar's Concert Overture "In the South", and Tim Hankewich, conducting by memory, showed his passion for the piece as well. The Pines of Rome was great! ("were" great?) My solo went well, except I hit one wrong note. At the time, I attempted to put it immediately out of my head and "stay in the moment". After the concert, I tried to graciously accept compliments. Later, all I could think was, "that would have lost you an audition." It's amazing how we can destroy ourselves over such small things. Well, I'm getting better at accepting my mistakes as I mature. To quote Martha, it's a good thing.

We got our music for the next Masterworks concert set, and I have my work cut out for me. Barber's Essay No. 2, Shostakovich's Symphony No. 10 (Happy 100th birthday today, Shostie!), and get ready trumpet fans, Zwilich's American Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra with soloist Phil Smith!! I remember various computer print-outs taped to my UNC friends' Emily and Sarah's apartment walls. "Phil Smith says flush the toilet." "Phil Smith says shut the door." Actually, I can't remember any of the exact sayings, but it was definitely a trumpet player's apartment with Phil Smith's smiling face all over the place! I'm looking forward to the concert!

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