Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Kitty up a tree

Here is a picture Dave took of Fanny, who climbed up our tree yesterday. I think she'll be staying inside for a while.

Shocker on Idol tonight!!! *spoiler warning here...just stop reading now if you've DVR'd the show* Chris is out! Wow. I do believe it was because I was at my gig last night, so I didn't get to vote. I could've saved him. Well, the show's not really worth watching now. Even Katherine's not that great.

More TV updates...I love Wednesdays...

The Amazing Race: Phew! BJ and Tyler were saved. MoJo are gone. By the way, Blake and I did see those fried cricket snacks in Bangkok. Yummy...

Unamimous: What a waste of half an hour once a week. And yet...I watched it. Never again! Terrible show. At least it's over now!

Y&R: Brad married Victoria. Now it turns out Brad isn't "Brad"...dun-dun-dun! Phyllis is pregnant...whose baby could it be??

Reed/gig update: The show is going well. My lips are raw. The reeds are not so great. I have one that is actually really good, but that's it. My arsenal, as I told Robin earlier, has failed. 1/6 reeds worked. Cane is terrible these days. Very scratchy. I'd better start some more tomorrow.

Goodnight! Geesh! It's 1am! Good morning!


mycafelatte said...

howdy. yes you can do colour iron-ons! That is if you have a coloured printer. You buy the sheets at any craft store (careful to buy it according to your printer. ink or laser), then print on them. So fantastic. Then, you just iron the paper onto the tshirt.
Thanks for you suggestion! I'll post pics once I do it.

Jillian said...

("Jill" mix-up, if anyone's confused.)