Monday, May 08, 2006

Jesus Christ and Dancing Elephant

Phew! I haven't played this much in a day since NYO. Today was the first day of rehearsing for the Andrew Lloyd Webber show in Des Moines--7 hours!! 11am-7pm with an hour break for lunch/dinner. I've made an arsenal of new reeds, and we all know how new reeds feel to Anybody? My chops are tired. My mind is a little ga-ga too. Let's hope it's nice and clear tomorrow afternoon and evening. The orchestra is good, and the singers are fabulous. Despite what we're supposed to think as classical musicians, I love this stuff. True, it's predictable, cheesy and repetitive, but it's so fun to play. Man, those trumpets are loud. I'm not a fan of playing with earplugs, but there was no choice in the matter today. Song in my head right now: Jesus Christ, Superstar!

How should I clear my head? I know! My new favourite commercial!

Dancing Baby Elephant

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Karmen said...

That's a cute commercial Jill :) I haven't seen it before. My favourite commercial right now is the Bud Light "Nagafuki Surprise" one - do you get that in Iowa? I looked for it online, but couldn't find it. I'll let you know if I do.

Have fun the the musical - sounds like a ton of playing. I love doing that kind of stuff, as long as the singers are good! :)