Friday, May 12, 2006

Cats don't "get" the cold shoulder

Fanny scratched my lip today. That's what you get when you play peek-a-boo with a cat who forgets to play with her claws IN! Scratched in three places, it immediately started bleeding, and now I have a very painful (upper) lip. I'm not allergic to cats, but one side is really swollen from one puncture. She may not have understood why I yelled at her, nor does she understand why I don't want her curling up on my lap right now. I thought my embouchure was sore before...well, tonight should be fun. 5 more shows to go. I'll certainly remember my CAT while playing my solos in "Memory". Grrrr... Have a look at the picture from my last post, and say shame, shame, kitty.

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mycafelatte said...

oh man.. so sorry! thats embarassing. thanks for understanding.