Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What's with the dead animals?

Why do animals die around our house? Not IN the house, thank goodness. First there was the dead squirrel on my sidewalk, then dead baby squirrels (or bunnies, or chipmunks, or mice) on the side of our house underneath some leaves. Today: a dead robin on our street! I know we didn't hit it because we haven't driven our cars today. I really hope it wasn't one of the robins making a nest in the tree outside my window earlier. Anyway, rather than call the neighbour AGAIN and have him throw it out, I performed the sad task myself. Such a pretty bird. It was surprisingly light. He (or she) just looked asleep.

I think it's a bad omen that so many animals have bit the dust around here. I think we'd better move. Oh wait--we are! Our street (Buxton) is quite busy. Plus, it's one-way, and parents visiting their Simpson College students are always driving the wrong way down the street. That happened today actually...maybe that was the robin killer! The robin was probably looking right before it crossed, not expecting a car zooming up on its left! (I must give credit to Dave for that idea...)

Here's to moving to a cul-de-sac!

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