Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How personal do we really want to get?

Since starting the whole blogging thing, I've been leery of writing really personal things. I don't mind my friends reading while I rant and rave, but I've been caught off-guard with a few "I just read your blog!" comments from random strangers. Actually, strangers are ok too. It's when you discover that your husband's colleagues and students occasionally read it...like I really want to be at someone's recital and hear the words, "so, how's that infectious rash?"

No infectious rashes here, btw. I was at the doctor today, finding out results from a blood test yesterday. Nothing life-threatening, but if you want to know, and you're a friend, not a random stranger, let me know and I'll email you. 1) I'm not sick. 2) I'm not pregnant. 3) I don't have some weird or gross disease. So, put your mind at ease. I am, however, part man. WHOA! Just kidding! (Too personal?)


Shauna said...

Hey Jill- hope everythings okay! let me know :)

elaine said...

Part man, huh.
Does Dave know?
Oh yeah, just kidding. Right. (wink wink) ;D

How's that for personal?!

Hope you two are doing great! When is the move-in day?