Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm a lamb in the woods

There's nothing like setting up your first home owner's insurance to prove you know very very little about this whole business. Maybe it's because it was early, maybe I just have a lot on my mind right now, but the following things are what I couldn't remember when they asked:

1) The price of the house. You'd think that number would be seared into my brain. I drew a blank.
2) Square footage. Dave was way over, I was way under. I only found the right number after I got off the phone.
3) Gas or electric heat?
4) Is there a fire hydrant within 100 feet?
5) Square footage of the back deck/front porch...yeah right.
6) How much are our instruments worth? (To be included in the insurance...)
7) Will this be included in escrow? (My answer: I don't know what that is, so no. The woman explained to me, and I changed my answer to yes.)

OK, so I must sound like the biggest idiot right now. That is why I don't make these phone calls! I feel this lurch in my stomach like, "You just bought a house, and you don't know anything about it. How many times did you look at it? Did you just go in blindly? (no) You don't even remember how much you paid for it. What is wrong with you?" And after beating myself up a bit, I've looked up those answers (I was $5000 over in how much we paid for the house), and I still don't know some of the answers. Square footage of the back deck? All I could think was, "ok. This needs to be power-washed and re-stained, but it will be lovely to sit out here in the summer."

Moral: Ok, two options for morals. 1) DAVE--don't abandon me like that again! Not that he would've done any better, but at least we could have been lambs together. 2) Be a stronger person. You have to be independent enough to handle these sorts of things! Don't use Dave as an excuse!

I will be better for the next insurance quote!! (How many do we need, anyway? I'm waiting on the second, which will have to be changed now that I have the right numbers.) Maybe I should pump myself up for it...go do some push-ups, run a few miles, lift some weights, do some sit-ups...


elaine said...

Hey, Jill! I've got this blog comment thing down now, so you'll be seeing a lot more commentary from me...LOTS more! (You know me!)

1) Don't worry about sounding like an idiot. We're all idiots at some point in time, and sometimes at many points in time! Pretty soon, you'll have this whole home business thing down and you'll be buying duplexes as rentals to enlarge your financial portfolio.

2) I called three agents for insurance quotes. With each phone call, I got new information and new explanations on what all that new information means and why I should care.

3) Be sure your items are insured as "replacement value." I think that's what it is called. That way, if your items are stolen or destroyed, then you will be given "replacement" value on your items rather than the "depreciated" value (Again, I think that's what it's called).

4) You go girl!

Jillian said...

Thanks, Elaine!! So good to see you on the comments! I'll email you back soon, I promise!