Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's almost like stealing

I'd always felt a bit weird whenever Dave would attach his laptop to a school or library computer, using their internet connection if the wireless connection on the laptop wasn't working. Well, here I am, at UO's library, nervously looking around to see if someone will catch me in my internet theft. Although we're still students here, they reset your password once a year, and you have to be here to reset it. We missed out, and they didn't send the usual email reminder. So, I'm a thief. I just needed a few articles from the internet, and I really wanted them on my own laptop so I could avoid having to hunt them down in the library, make copies, etc. Well, while I'm here, I may as well blog! I'd started a blog in the airport and on the plane on the way here. Here it is:

Travel day

1 hour lay-over in Phoenix. 30 minutes so far have been spent waiting for a waitress at the “Roadside CafĂ©/Route 66”, whatever it’s called, all because I didn’t want to wait in line of 40+ people for Burger King (ugh). Was looking forward to the fruit plate on the menu…no fruit, I’ve been told. Second choice, croissant sandwich…no croissants, do you mind toast? Maybe they have croissants at BK.

35 min. mark, I have my water.

First flight, uncomfortable (early, 8am), two kids under the age of 4 behind me. Wanting kids, I remind myself that traveling with children must be draining…but then I think, I’m under no obligation to love other people’s screaming children.

40 min. mark, still no food…does everyone in this airport smoke? Now I know why everyone was in line at Burger King.

I tried to read my textbook on the flight, but I kept closing my eyes. I didn’t think I’d sleep, so I put on my book-on-cd, The Kite Runner, which I highly recommend, by the way. I nodded off several times and woke up at a crucial emotional moment, which I won’t spoil here. I had made a playlist on my MP3 player, so the CDs just run together. I must have dozed through an entire CD.

Food is here! Wow--$7.99 plus tax for that? Do I need to tip?

Flight 2—Which is worse? Carrying the smell of cigarette smoke on you all day from sitting in a stinky airport bar, or the guy in front of you reeking of Drakkar Noir (or Boss, or some other brutish cologne)? That’s right, buddy. Turn on the fan above your head, and circulate your overpowering perfume throughout the plane. I’ve never seen anyone with stiffer hair before either. I watch as the points of hair on either side of his head, like stiff meringue peaks, bob up and down. Why are they doing that? He looks like a crab from behind, and those must be his pinchers. He turns his head to one side. Ahhh...he's chewing gum.

*Back to today, sitting in the library.

I'm staying with my friend Matilda while I'm in Eugene this time. She lives in a teeny-tiny house that is filled with fascinating things. Every single item is interesting, and I guess if I had to describe Matilda, it would be "the opposite of beige." I love it.

I'm going to try to find a sports bar that will be playing the Flames game tonight. If anyone from Eugene is reading this, and you'd like to join me, try me at Quacker's at 8 or 9pm!

My test went well yesterday. Another freaking 8-hour exam. My back is so sore. The oral exam is on Thursday morning. I'd better look up some opus numbers now, as that is why I'm here!

Go, Flames!


Shauna said...

I too recently read the kite runner- just after christmas. i devoured it. loved it. also highly recommend it. bawled. smiled, and bawled again. so good.

Jillian said...

Update: I'm now leaving the library after more than 3 hours of research! I didn't know I had it in me! At least the chairs were cushioned.

Everyone: read The Kite Runner.

Karmen said...

Okay - I'll read the Kite Runner next. I finally broke down and am reading the Da Vinci Code. Great story!

Jill - I may have a favour to ask of you - a 'can only be bought in the US' favour. When are you going to be back in Iowa?