Friday, April 28, 2006

Heading home

It's funny how your perspective of "home" changes. The first few times I flew into Eugene for exams, I felt as though I was in this weird limbo--more familiar than a visit, but not quite my home anymore. This time, it definitely feels like I'm going home to Iowa. I was a visitor this time. I don't really belong here anymore; the winds of progress are pushing me to finish up my doctorate. My plan is to fly here twice more: once for my final history comp (my secondary test, as I just PASSED my primary---YEAH!!!!!!) and once to present and defend my lecture-document. OK, maybe three times, as it would be nice to walk across that stage. After 22 years of school (and no break!), Dave and I deserve those doctoral hoods.

Time to say goodbye to Alison and baby Ursula, with whom I've been staying for the past 2 days. Thanks, Matilda too!

It's been a successful trip. Now I get to go home and STUDY SOME MORE!! Only 3 weeks until the next test!


NPaganini said...

Can't wait until you're back darling. Too bad it will be 12 hours longer than we thought!

Jillian said...

Yup, blog coming on that one...ugh...I'm now in Portland...on the "outside", if anyone wants to visit me in the next 5 hours.