Sunday, March 26, 2006

The things you can do when you don't sleep in

Whenever we actually manage to get up early on a weekend day, I'm amazed at how much we can get done before noon! I then say, "Let's get up early EVERY day! Think of how much we could get accomplished!" We then sleep until 10am the next Saturday.

It is a beautiful day today! Ron Albrecht told us about a state park about 5 minutes south of Indianola which we didn't know existed. We drove out to the park, Lake Ahquabi State Park (here is their website in case you're interested), and we had a lovely walk by the lake and through the trees. The area is gorgeous! It must be very popular in later spring and summer. Too bad we didn't know about it when Paul and Margaret were here--they'd have loved it. We're quickly building a list of things to do when guests come to visit!

Oh, and we were home by lunch time!

I've been trying to post a couple pictures from today, but there seems to be a bug with blogger. You can see all of them posted on kodak. Click here for that link.

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