Saturday, March 25, 2006

Just to reiterate... case any of you read my cousin's comment from my last blog before I had a chance to comment on her comment: I'm not pregnant.

I'm feeling fine now, though it took a couple of days to get over whatever knocked me out on Wednesday. I'd never had to cancel a dinner before--we ran into Rachel and Kedron at the library today, and they were just fine with the cancellation, not wanting to get sick and all. I remember a Chilean wine tasting party Dave and I had while living in the townhouse in Calgary--anyone else remember that? I made all this food (probably my first attempt at a pseudo-dinner party), bought a bunch of wine from the store where I worked and had friends chip in to cover the costs. I worked so hard that at about 8 or 8:30pm, I had to bag out on my own party. I went upstairs to lay down, and my girlfriends soon came to check on me. I clearly remember Catherine and Karmen (and I want to say Shauna--were you there? I was out of it) piling into bed with me. No racy thoughts, anyone, please. The name of the game these days: pacing. How to throw a successful party: give up some control. Get help!! I recommend flying your in-laws in from Calgary. Parents do a good job too, but then you're just at the mercy of what mom says, goes. ;)

We're looking forward to my parents' visit one week from today!!

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