Thursday, March 23, 2006

What did I eat??

I can't believe how sick I was yesterday. We had finally made plans with Rachel and Kedron, inviting them over for dinner. Besides our own parents' visits, we haven't made dinner for anyone in this house yet! Well, after lunch (leftovers from the night before--and we'd both felt fine), I started to feel a bit queasy. I thought I'd lie down for a little bit before heading to the grocery store or cleaning for our guests. Well, I just couldn't get up after that...except when I had to...anyone remember that Sex and the City when Charlotte and Harry spent the night on their bathroom floor?

When Dave called from work, I told him I thought we should cancel dinner, because even if I was feeling better, I didn't want to pass anything on to them. It's a really good thing we did. I couldn't sleep during the day, and after about 6pm, I couldn't lie down, sit up, stand up...what's left? Somehow made it to 9pm before getting violently worse. Even with NyQuil (I'm not sure if that was the right thing to have taken), I had a pretty rough night. I slept in our spare room to give Dave some rest.

Flu? No other symptoms, and I feel a lot better this morning. Food poisoning? Dave and I have eaten all the same things for the past 2 days. Hopefully it's all out of my system now. I still feel pretty weak; nobody's coming over for dinner anytime soon.


Leoal said...

Maybe you're pregnant!!

Jillian said...

Let's put that rumour to rest right now...not pregnant!

Leoal said...

I just remember getting that all the time back in the day. And then, one day, I was!