Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Jumping on the blog wagon

"What?" you say, "she already did jump on the blog wagon. That's what we've been reading since last August."

I just mean today. It seems like my friends all update their blogs at the same time. I have my routine every time I turn on the computer. Sign in to messenger, check email, check blogs. (Not a very exciting routine, is it?) Dave has about 20 sites he checks religiously every day. Formula one (about 4 sites of racing news...exciting), CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, TSN, our bank, work email, home email, his website, my blog, and more. Me: email, blogs. Sometimes MSN news, depending on the headlines that come up with messenger. Needless to say, it's interesting when everyone's blogs have been updated. So thanks for the entertainment, Karm, Mary, Leoal and Peggy! Shauna, girl, you gotta get cracking!

I also check out Peggy's sister Amy's blog (that was a mouthful/typeful), which is a link from Peggy's. I don't know her though, so I felt a little weird adding her blog as a link. That being said, go look! Today she wrote about Chernobyl, and there's a link to an interesting slideshow of photos. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the nuclear "experiment" resulting in radioactive elements spread across the entire northern hemisphere. The photos are mostly of people affected in the area.

Other friends I'd like to see jump on the blog wagon:

ELAINE--This may just be another creative outlet for you. We love your emails, and now that we're so far away (and sadly, no trips to California this year), we need girls' nights resurrected via blogging. Also, I think you are a great verbal activist. Political rants--I want them!

BETTY--That's right, my dear. It's your time. James keeps telling me, "You need to teach Betty how to blog. She'd love it." So before blogging technology changes, jump on! (Oh, and here's a shout-out to you--you just signed in!) Your wicked sense of humour must be known by the masses!! (and I think you'd also be a great political ranter...something tells me...)

ROBIN--I think we all need someone a little less cynical out there!! And if you blog, we'd have a new forum to discuss "American Oboe Idol" besides emails! Simon Cowell, meet Peter Cooper.

SYLVIE--"A day in the life on a cruise ship"...By the way, did you know that the NCL Jewel had Trump and his apprentices on-board? I don't know when it was filmed, but it aired this Monday night. You'd probably heard about it back when it happened. Dave and I thought it was hilarious! We also thought we saw a familiar Kristen/Kirsten on the Jewel?? She may have been on tv.

EMILY--Wedding plans?? And those 18-hour days can't really be THAT bad. You have time for blogging, right?

RICHARD AND TAMARA--An "all-Roxanne, all the time" blog. By the time we get back to Calgary, my niece will likely have hair!! ;) (Roxanne note: beautiful 2-year old (29 months)...wispy hair, no pig-tails yet)

So get busy, people! Give me blogs or give me death!! (ok, no, not really death...but boredom is pretty close.)

3 days until my parents arrive! Yay! And 3 days until I unveil a big surprise (surprise for them, so I can't blog about it just yet!)....NO, NOT PREGNANT!! Quit asking.

Oboe time. I practiced for an hour yesterday, and my lips felt like they were going to fall off. What happened to me?? For those of you considering a doctorate: don't be surprised when the majority of your time is spent OFF of your instrument. I'm playing a Handel anthem this weekend (guess what, Mom and Dad, you're coming to Pella, Iowa with me), and my reeds need to be whipped into shape along with my embouchure. Wish me luck!

Keep those blogs coming!

A little kitty picture--my girls wanting a piano lesson of their own once I'd finished teaching yesterday.

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mycafelatte said...

Hi. Yes, this is peggy's sister, the one linked on her blog, not that she has any other sisters, because if she did then I'd have some serious couch time to attend to, anyway... thanks for giving me a "shout out". how dorky is that. Anyway.. you're in my favourites so I read your blog too. What a lovely circle of links we all have. Take care ;)