Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My faves

Not an oboe post, but we're keeping Team Camwell family-related, so this is the best place for my thoughts on...

American Idol!! (Who still watches this with me?) I picked my faves last year, and I was on the money with the final 2. We're down to 9 now, and my 4 favorites are still in it. They are:

Paul McDonald. My husband thinks he's creepy, but I completely disagree. I really dig him, and he's got the most unique voice of the competition. I'd buy his album.
 Pia Toscano. She's a power house! Best voice of the competition.

 Lauren Alaina. DJ Tanner of the competition! Anyone else see it? She's so cute. An early favorite, a friend of mine and I agree she could take the whole competition. She just needs to get her spunky personality back. She probably has the best pop voice this year.

 Oh and dear Casey Abrams. You could take this thing! Best musician of the competition. He probably pushed too many people away with the freaky-creepy guy show. The occasional growl is alright, but I'd rather hear songs like you did this week.  I think it will be between Lauren and Casey this year!

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