Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas highlights

Wow. So I spent all night putting photos into albums on Kodak Gallery, and altogether, there are about 160 photos...4 albums. Uh, I am not putting all of them on the blog! Here are the links:

How do I choose some highlights?? I don't have all my favorites below. There are many from my dad's camera that made it to the Kodak galleries, but I would have had to go through the discs he gave me again to put them on the blog, and I think I've spent enough time on the computer tonight!! (Including some with my mom--our camera was out of batteries Christmas Eve and morning--all on my dad's camera.) So if you're dying to see them, click on the above links. If not, here are a few:

Editor's note: Oops. After all that, I posted to the wrong blog!! Well, no harm. I'll re-post on Team Camwell!! I hope you oboists enjoy my family photos, too!! :)

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