Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blogging status

Maybe I would blog on this blog more often if it were more like Facebook.

Today, my status is: "Jillian is playing a concert in Cedar Rapids tonight. Yay, Petrouchka, here I come!"

I'm finally feeling pretty good about this piece. I've never played it before, but I LOVE the ballet, and I LOVE Stravinsky. And it's pretty hard! Concert #1 is at Coe College in Cedar Rapids tonight at 8pm (we are staying with my friend and colleague from the orchestra, and Dave was able to come with me to look after Harry), and concert #2 is at West High School in Iowa City tomorrow. Also on the program: William Schuman's New England Triptych and Saint Saens' 2nd Violin Concerto. Nice program! Cross your fingers for good English horn reeds!

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Patty said...

So you "get" facebook, eh? I really don't, but I like checking everyone's status so I'm back on it. I can't write there like I ramble at my site, though!

Have great concerts! I haven't played Petrouchka in eons, but I remembered having a blast when we did it.