Friday, June 13, 2008

Concert cancelled?

By now you must have heard about all the flooding in Iowa. I'm looking out my back window to beautiful blue skies and green grass. If you were concerned about us, rest assured, we have not been effected by the flooding or tornadoes. Please pray for those hit in the east of Iowa, especially Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. I have many colleagues there from the Cedar Rapids Symphony, and I have no way of knowing if everyone is ok. I know it's the last thing on the administration's agenda, but I'm pretty sure next week's concert will be cancelled (for "Freedom Festival"--it's outdoors). I'm hoping that once things have been cleared, we'll have some sort of benefit concert for flood victims in the fall.

Eble Music is downtown Iowa City, next to the public library. They occupy a basement store.

Reck Violin shop is on the Coralville strip. Last I heard, this immediate area has been evacuated.

The Paramount Theater, where the CRSO performs, has water up to the I've heard. I googled Paramount Theater in Cedar Rapids, and I couldn't find any photos.

If anyone is reading this from that area, please let us know you're ok.

Here is an excellent blog I just found re. the current situation--someone with better perspective than me.

I feel so removed, looking out my window.

*Update: Yes, the rehearsals and concert have been cancelled. The Steinway and other instruments in the hall have been moved and protected.

*Other update: Evacuation of many parts of Des Moines is under-way.


Anonymous said...

You mentioned Reck's violin shop in Coralville along 1st Avenue is evacuated... is this area flooded and underwater? I recently left my violin there to be fixed and have not heard back from Jim Reck as planned and have been unable to contact him... is he himself okay? Do you know if any of his store inventory has been damaged? ...I really hope not!

Jillian said...

I don't know about his store or inventory, but as far as I know, Barb and Jim Reck were out of town, in Michigan for their daughter's wedding! I hope the shop wasn't effected. I know they live quite high up (my car had trouble driving up that icy hill in the winter!), so I'm sure their home is ok, even if they didn't make it back during the flooding. I'll post an update when I hear from Barb.