Wednesday, April 02, 2008


April Fool's day did not escape me this year...or rather, I couldn't escape from it. The first to get me? The Schwan's guy! Two guys showed up at my door, and the first thing I said was, "Where's my regular Schwan's guy?" Man #1's response: "Well, he has left your house to us because you are ornary and he can't depend on you for sales." Me: "Seriously?" Man #1: "No, we're just training right now."

I'm assuming he meant they're training Man #2...but where is my NICE Schwan's guy? When they asked me if I needed anything, I really should have said, "Screw you!" That would have taught them to mess with a valued customer.

But I needed some Triple Berry Blend and brown rice.

April Fool's day joke #2 happened with one of my piano students. Boy and his mom came in, sat down, and Mom said to Boy, "Do you want to tell her?" Boy: "This is our last lesson. We're moving." Me: (I was soooo sad to hear this, as I adore them) "Oh no, why? What?" Mom: "Well, something came up." Boy: "April Fool's!" They totally got me. But I got them back. At the end of the lesson, I said I wanted him to sighread one more new piece. I rummaged through my bookshelf and pulled out some sheetmusic from "The Sound of Music". You know those old broadway arrangements where the pianist needs 12 fingers and a span of at least a 10th?... So Boy looks at it, says, "this?" Me: "Yes, hands together, right now." The boy takes a deep breath, says, "ok," and I say, "April Fool's!"

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