Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Thank you, Patty! I can't wait for the little man to wear it. And of course, he will believe the message, I'm sure! Dave and I have talked it over, and we will gently nudge Harry away from the oboe if he ends up in band or orchestra. However, I do think that if Harry grows up seeing Mommy's love-hate relationship with the oboe, and he STILL wants to play it, that will be saying something. We'll just strike a deal...he'll make mommy her reeds, and she'll let him play this instrument!

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pattyoboe@mac.com said...

Glad you like it, Jillian. I chose a larger size, knowing how quickly our babies grew.

I wanted my kids to love oboe too ... and NOT to play it! Our daughter tried. For one full day. That was enough. The boys weren't even interested in giving it a go. But they appreciate the instrument. What I really wanted was a reed maker, but no one ever showed a bit of interest in THAT. Go figure.

Maybe someday I'll show interest in reed making ... but I'm not counting on it. ;-)