Friday, January 04, 2008

He likes Dvorak!

I finally played my English horn yesterday...for the first time since Camelot at the end of October. Yikes! I forgot how to form an embouchure. The instrument is full of sticky pads. My Ds came out as C#s. G#s were Gs. Everything was down the octave. I'm going to have to play a few minutes (at first) every day to learn how to play again. And hopefully that will bring the horn back to life without having to get it adjusted before my next set--less than two weeks from now!

Anyway, my audience was my 6-week old baby Harry. He flinched a little at me crowing my reed. He didn't really like the low notes, but his scrunched up sad face went away when I started the New World solo. I think he liked it! Finally a critic that didn't mind the wrong notes (see above: not my fault), a pretty crappy sound, and a player so out of shape, she could only play two solos for him. Solo #2 was Roman Carnival Overture, but Harry decided he'd had enough.

We'll see if he likes Hindemith and Stravinsky tomorrow!

2 comments: said...

Hah! Good luck with Stravinsky and Hindemith! ;-)

Ah, I remember those days. The "my mouth can't remember this" days! Not to fret ... I went for quite some time before I got back to playing with baby #3 and it all worked out okay. At least I think it did. (Maybe no one has been honest with me? Hmm. I wonder!)

So ... just home from celebrating 32 (THIRTY TWO?!) years of marriage. Wow. How did that happen? I can't figure it out. (The actual date was yesterday, but hubby was out of town so we celebrated tonight ... while our power was out. Got home to (woo hoo!) celebrate the power coming back on too ... but lights are blinking ... sigh ...). Guess we are in for a night of on and off. Double sigh.

I suspect we'll be going on again, off again with this power thing.

RHR said...

How do you cure those sticky pads? I have just dusted off my oboe after years in it's case, my son is now five! My B flats come out as A's!