Monday, October 29, 2007

On to stage two

I'm soooooo happy to be done with Camelot! I really came to like the show, but now I can focus on getting things ready for Baby. It could be as early as this weekend! I'll find out at my doctor's appointment tomorrow. Stay tuned to My Belly blog for more info!

I went for a fabulous (and cheap--double fabulous) meal at A-Dong Vietnamese restaurant in Des Moines with most of the orchestra and a couple of cast members in between shows yesterday. I sat across from "Lancelot"--Matt Bogart. Very nice guy. We in the pit couldn't see a single thing, but his voice is great, and he sounded like a terrific comedic actor in the right situations. During the last show last night, I switched places with the conductor to watch part of a long dialogue scene. He was perfect for the part. (And pretty easy on the eyes too!)

Anyway, now I have time to lay on the couch! I started getting a sore throat on Friday, a runny nose on Saturday, and a cough yesterday. Today, I have all three and some stuffiness and aches. Ugh. I can at least stay home today and recover from this cold. I guess the timing is good!

I'm on Dave's computer now, but he's going to steal it away to go back to work. Our laptop is being fixed. No internet contact from me for a few days! Bye bye!

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