Saturday, October 27, 2007

Making the rounds

That 8-minute dialogue bit has become my favourite part of the show. It's perfect for me to get up and leave the pit for a few minutes. Last night I used Lancelot's dressing room. Not nearly as gussied up as the conductor's, who has fabric draped everywhere, framed photos, an oriental rug, a gigantic dog bed for his (small) dog... Lancelot is low-key. (But he doesn't sing off-key.) Thanks, Lance! This pregnant lady appreciated your facilities! Speaking of Lancelot, every time I pass his room, he's half naked. Now, I haven't seen the show (being in the pit), but I'm assuming he wears clothes on stage?

Four more shows! Perfect timing for an extremely sore throat. :(

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patty said...

So are James Barbour and Rachel York still on the tour, or have they changed as well? (Both were good, but for some reason couldn't really move me. I'm not sure why.)