Saturday, August 11, 2007

Oh, momma, it's hot!

It's supposed to be in the 90s all week. Now, while I'm not usually one to say "at least it's dry heat" if I'm in a drier climate (hot is hot as far as I'm concerned), this is Iowa heat. Humid, wet sauna heat. I've become a self-induced shut-in, and it still feels hot in my air conditioned house. I'm not competing here, I'm just saying I'm hot. And why does the A/C work in my bedroom (thank goodness), but not in my oboe studio? I need to practice and work on English horn reeds, but that room is sweltering. Especially once you start playing. Solution? Nude oboe practice? Hmmm. Tempting. Just as long as it's not nude reed making. Ouch!

Dave has a gig at the Iowa State Fair today from 2-11pm. Yikes! He's outside all day, wearing all black, playing for a rock band at night. Poor guy. He asked me to come with him...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! No thank you, I will keep my pregnant self out of the sweltering heat for as long as possible. My parents will be here from Monday to Friday this coming week, so I hope it cools off a bit for us to enjoy some Iowa scenery. And I bought tickets for the State Fair. Here's hoping for 70F next Friday!

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C.J. said...

I used to make reeds in my underwear, until I dropped a reed knife and it landed upright... in my STOMACH. Fortunately it wasn't deep, but it did bleed quite a bit. I have a nice 3/4 inch scar next to my belly button! I strongly suggest NOT nude reedmaking! You might lose valuable body parts! (especially if you're a man!)