Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Froggy came a courtin'

Last week we had a tiny frog peering in at our patio door. He was right near the door handle, splayed out like...a frog. I took a couple of photos, but they didn't turn out as it was night time through glass.

Last night we had another tiny frog by our door, which I didn't see until I was trying to sneak in without letting in all the moths and other light lovers. It was Fanny that noticed it. Some attack cat. She just followed this frog as he hopped into the house, hung a right, and made a bee-line for the couch. The cat lost interest, and we all lost sight of the frog. There were four people and one frog (about 2 inches big)...how do you lose it? We tipped up the couch, checked under every piece of furniture, and walked very carefully on the carpet (especially the green squares). We thought we'd likely find a frog carcass in a few days, cat or starvation-induced. I went to move the end table back in place, and the frog jumped off of it towards the cat tower. (Enter girlish shriek here.) Froggy jumped into the cat tower, and my mom picked it up to take it outside and shake it out. She said she might have screamed and/or thrown the cat tower away from her if the frog had jumped out at her. Wow, we are such wimps! I used to catch frogs happily. I guess that's different than having one jump into your house unexpectedly.

See--Iowa is too hot and humid, even for the frogs!

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