Thursday, August 23, 2007

No more scary blog titles

As per my friend's request, I won't write titles that include the words "blood" or "feeling sorry for myself" until after the baby's born. Even then, I'll use them sparingly. ;)

So, today's blog will be about my lunch. I stared, uninspired, into my fridge today, and I contemplated having cereal for my second meal. I spotted some turkey we'd bought, and I realized I had enough to make a sandwich. While having a healthy lunch isn't something to brag about, I was sort of proud that I came up with something besides Pringles and cashews. In fact, lunch looked so healthy and delicious, even if it was very very simple, that I took a picture.

So, yeah for me.

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Patty said...

And what a tasty blog, Jillian!

Oh ... and just so you know ... I pulled out the reed I thought was GOOD the other day.


You know the rest of the story, I'm sure. :-(