Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Trip excitement!

I have a few pieces in particular that I'm "ready" (whoever is completely ready?) to play for Ray Still on Saturday. Mozart Oboe Concerto, first movement, Schumann Romance #2 (but I'd put this last, so we probably won't get to it), and a few excerpts including Bach Brandenburg #1 (mvts. 1 & 2), Tchaikovsky Symphony #4, Brahms Symphony #1, and Beethoven Symphonies 3/6. At least I'll have plenty for him to choose from. I wouldn't be surprised if we only got to one of all those pieces. That can be true of any lesson though.

Robin and I have tickets to see the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center on Friday night. Yeah! I'll spend the morning getting my reeds ready and practicing, do some sight-seeing in the afternoon, and go to a concert at night! I'm very excited. Here is their program.

Need to work on reeds! They are coming along, although they changed big time with this drop in temperature we've had. It went from 60F to 10F in a day. The weather here is almost as crazy as Calgary! It's been really windy too. We've lost one shutter and several shingles. The tornado siren went off today, but there was no weather alert on the radio. It was about this time last year when my parents were visiting (and we bought our house one year ago this Saturday!), they came to a concert of mine in Pella, IA, and the concert was interrupted because of a tornado warning. The audience, orchestra and choir all marched down to the basement. That was fun. Well, my parents didn't think so at the time.

OK, bye!

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C.J. said...

Nice! You'll get to hear Becky Henderson play! She's one of my favorites. Have a good trip and kick ass with Mr. Still!