Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hard to practice, hard to eat

I'm practicing for my lesson with Ray Still next Saturday. When you're 1) not playing in a symphony (I don't have any more concerts this year--life of an auxiliary musician), 2) not in school, and 3) writing your lecture-document, not to mention the many other things that take up your time in life, it's so easy to fall out of shape very quickly. Maybe a stamina-heavy piece like the second Schumann Romance wasn't the best choice for today's practice session, but it sure did show me that I have my work cut out for me this week. Think of me as Rocky Balboa. My embouchure will be training big time. It'll be running up several flights of stairs, jumping rope...ok, I've never seen a Rocky film. Bad analogy to have chosen.

The food pyramid is proving to be tricky to follow. I'm not sure about the conspiracy theory, Mary, but who knows if the daily calory guides are entirely appropriate. I do think it's a good guide for the amounts of servings you should try to get in your diet (grains, milk, greens, fruits, protein). My problem is that I can't seem to eat nearly "enough". (Again, you may be somewhat right, Mary.) According to my food analysis, I'm eating about 1400 calories a day, and I "should" be eating 2200. Wow. Why am I not skinnier? ;) I tried to up it some today. I had McDonald's for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kidding! I did eat more today though--trying to eat smaller meals more often. I definitely need to eat more protein. I was at 1 oz. yesterday. Hmmm. Who knew it would be hard to get enough food in your diet?


Mary said...

Chicken, baby! Chicken is super-high in protein. I'm trying to stick to the 25/25/50 ratio... which means 60/70 grams of protein per day! Here are some of my protein selections...(sorry for the dairy, Shauna!)
Cottage cheese, cheese strings, almonds, nuts/seeds, yogurt, peanut butter, turkey bites (LOVE EM), beef jerky (can't live without it), chicken, milk, tuna (big time), egg whites, pork, salmon... eat up!

For some really, really fantastic recipes and healthy food choices, check out
Includes menu planning, grocery lists... I love it.

Jillian said...