Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Idol flaming reeds


Watched American Idol--partially while making Engish horn reeds. And now the Flames are playing.


OK, first up, American Idol. My new strategy is to vote for everyone except Sanjaya. Poor kid. I thought the best performers this week were Jordin and Melinda. They got five votes each from me. Everyone else (except Sanjaya) got three votes each. Probably not enough to save Phil or Chris. I thought even La Kisha could be in trouble tonight.

Rrrrreeeeeds. Here's what the three Idol judges might say about my reeds:

Randy: "Dog, the purple reed was just [inhale on] sheee, I don't know, dude. It's a little weak, a little weak. The rose reed was just alright for me. A little pitchy at times, but you stepped up at the end."

Paula: "First of all, let me just say you look beautiful tonight. I could just use more range and really show us why you're in this competition. You know I love you."

Simon: "I don't know what reeds this audience were listening to. They look old, from the staple to the thread to the ratty tips, and they sound old too. It wasn't horrible, but I'm not jumping out of my chair. You've got to do better than that if you want to stay in this competition." (He might later add to that last sentence "...and if you want to beat Sanjaya.")

Flames--yes I'm watching the game--no they're not losing. They're not winning either though. Perhaps because I'm trying to work on my laptop at the same time and I'm only half paying attention. End of the first: 0-0 The boys are playing much better tonight, but they need to score!

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Karmen said...

Woooot! The Flames finally pulled out a win! You're not bad luck after all ;)