Thursday, April 19, 2007


DMA Public Lecture date set: check! May 24, 10am, Collier House (for those interested in Eugene)
DMA Oral Defense date set: check! May 25, 9:30am, Collier House basement (hmm...didn't know Collier House had a basement)
Plane Ticket bought: check! After only 2 hours on the internet and the phone! The good news is that I had a first-class upgrade voucher from my last disastrous flight to Eugene (well, back to Des Moines), so I will be traveling back to Des Moines (3 flights, ugh...why??) in style. I chose the return flight for the obvious reason...I hope to be a doctor by then. :) So, Eugene friends, I'll be in town May 23-26 (early flight out on the 26th), and I'll be in a celebrating mood (*fingers crossed*) on Friday night.

Flames winning in the second period: check! Fast-paced game tonight!

Still to-do on my checklist:

Finish first draft of my document--I'm planning on sending it off this weekend. Think good thoughts. I've been working very hard.
Book plane tickets for graduation in June. :)

*I forgot to add:

Sanjaya voted off: check! Who saw that one coming?

Flames tied the series 2-2: check!!! Go, Flames, Go!

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