Thursday, March 22, 2007

Teaching joys and an upcoming trip!

I love teaching...most days! I enjoy all my students--I have nobody I'd fire. That's a good thing. Today when my five-year-old neighbour left her lesson, she looked at me from the porch, before going down the steps, and said, "I'm going to do a fourth." Then she jumped from the porch to the ground, skipping two steps of course. She did that last week with thirds and the week before with seconds. I do not encourage acrobatics from my front porch, but that just made my day!

I just booked my flight to Washington D.C. for Good Friday. I'll fly in on Friday morning, spend some time with my wonderful long-but-not-lost friend Robin in D.C., spending the night there, then drive to Annapolis on Saturday for my lesson with Ray Still. I'll take the train (or drive if I have a rental car--that's up in the air still) back to D.C. after my lesson and do some more sight-seeing Saturday night and Sunday before heading back in time for Easter dinner in Indianola.

Of course I'm excited about my lesson and interview with Ray Still (or "Mr. Still", as I call him--we are like "that"), but I'm REALLY excited about seeing Robin! She's such a dear friend to me. We went to grad school together in Colorado and share stories of Peter Cooper and memories of fun parties (she was a great hippy one Halloween). I'm so happy she'll be driving down from New Jersey to meet up with me. Thanks, Robin!

We had fun on the phone today; I tried my hand at, and we are sharing a room at a 4-star hotel downtown D.C. for $75. Nice... I may have to try Priceline again for upcoming trips!

Hungry...must eat! Good day!

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