Monday, March 26, 2007

Amazing what??

Grrr...I hate 60 Minutes. The show is good. I hate that when any sporting event goes long, 60 Minutes goes long, and my recording of the Amazing Race gets cut off half an hour into it. I repeat, grrr... Didn't see who was eliminated. Have to go to the CBS website. Don't tell me!

Reed Thread Vote time! I forgot I needed to make reeds last night, so I had to make my own decision (gasp!) and go for dark purple. I'm videotaping my embouchure as part of my lecture-document (no pressure pun intended!), and I thought a dark colour would be better than a variegated or bright coloured thread. My spool is empty again though, so it's your turn to vote!

I'm feeling "blue"...your choices:


Vote now! Voting ends Wednesday at midnight...just because.


Karmen said...

Mmmm - I'm feeling like periwinkle!

Shauna said...

Haha!!! So am I!! too funny :)
Periwinkle for me too!

Jill Cathey said...

Just to shake things up I vote for aqua.