Sunday, February 11, 2007

Not so literal

We stayed in last night and watched a movie with our friend Rachel. After the movie finished ("My Super Ex-Girlfriend"--light and ok) and Rachel went home, Dave and I kept the TV on and saw the beginning of a show, I think on TLC, called "Outrageous Proposals." Part of the proposal for the first guy was him asking his girlfriend's parents for their daughter's hand in marriage. AWK-ward! They were totally not cool with this, but seeing as there were cameras there, they couldn't very well say no, right? It took about four attempts (from what they showed on tv--could've been more) for them to finally give their blessing. Dave really felt for the guy.

The funniest part of this scene was the dad saying, "I just want someone who will literally love my daughter to death."



And nobody said anything about this? OK, maybe he meant it in the "til death parts us" sort of way, but it really came out wrong. What surprised me was that his wife didn't even blink at that sentence. I can see why the future son-in-law might have kept his mouth shut, especially with the hard time he was having convincing them he just wanted to be part of the family.

For the rest of the evening, Dave and I tried to outdo each other with incorrectly used "literally" phrases. (E.g. "I love you so much, I could literally eat you up!...and I think I will!" or "I love you so much, I literally want to rip the heart out of your chest and hold it next to mine.") We're a little goofy sometimes.

So, for future notice: do not say things like "I was so surprised, my eyes literally popped out of their sockets!" or "His fever was so high, he was literally burning up." (...unless of course, tragically, he does, literally burn up.)

Take note.


Karmen said...

Too funny!! I was watching the same show, and I thought the exact same thing. Literally. No really, I did!!

Hmmm, if that bride ends up dead, I guess we'll know what happened. She was LITERALLY loved to death.

My favourite 'literally' phrase that I hear most often is "I was so surprised, I literally died!" Really? Then how are you here telling me this story?? Hmm??

Leoal said...

A DJ in Halifax one time said "And that was Usher, who is literally on fire!"

I wanted to tear my hair out.