Sunday, February 25, 2007

And the Oscar goes to...

As our friend Julie's Academy Awards party had to be cancelled (the roads are pretty icy here), we are just watching in our sweats on our couch. Another lovely evening in! Well, I don't have much else to do while the show is on, so I thought I'd do a live blog sort of thing.

Ellen DeGeneres as host... I think people like her as she's so real. She's got great comedic timing, but at least from what we've seen of the Hollywood reactions on camera, her jokes are falling a bit flat. I still think she's funny.

Will Ferrell and Jack Black singing "A Comedian at the Oscars"...very funny take on the sad clown, crying on the inside.

Sound effects choir—amazing! Live choir accompanying film clips on the big screen behind them.

They've gone back to the old format of saving the big awards for the end. Wasn't it just last year when the Best Supporting Actor and Actress were awarded first?

Here are the winners so far:

Best Art Direction
Pan’s Labyrinth

Achievement in Makeup
Pan’s Labyrinth

Best Animated Short
The Danish Poet

Best Live Action Short
West Bank Story

Sound editing
Letters from Iwo Jima

Sound mixing
Dream Girls

Yeah, I haven't seen any of those. West Bank Story looks hilarious. Pan's Labyrinth looks magical. Of course I want to see the last two.

I must confess, this is boring to even me. Maybe it's just this point of the ceremony. Sorry...I hope this will get more interesting! I reserve the right to bale out.

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