Friday, January 19, 2007

It's a 5-way tie!

OK, I shouldn't have given so many choices to begin with. If you haven't already voted, now is your chance to cast the deciding ballot!

Your choices are:


Salmon pink

Variegated purple

Variegated blue


Voting will end tonight! (As I need to make reeds tomorrow...) Remember, one vote may decide!

The suspense is killing me. ;)


Katrina said...
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Katrina said...

I vote variegated blue. Can I post one for Blake? He so loves salmon!


Jillian said...

ok...we have two front-runners!

Jillian said...

now we have three front-runners:

salmon, v. blue, v. purple

Wow, neck-in-neck! Who will win?

Karmen said...

If it's not too late - I still vote v.purple.