Thursday, December 07, 2006

A work in progress

I have a feeling that our annual Christmas letter will be a last-minute event, like it was last year. I'm filled with more Christmas spirit this year (although there's no snow yet) than I have been in a while (perhaps due to the lack of looming comprehensive exams?), but the creative side of my brain is not cooperating with the "let's get this done and in the mail!" side. If you could decipher that last sentence, well done.

Maybe I can't write because the Holiday music station is on the fritz. I know that's why I can't wrap presents today.

Here is what I try to avoid when writing our letter:

1) "Brag" letter. We've had lots of wonderful things happen for us this year, but 1) nobody likes a bragger, and 2) I can't stand letters that list "we did this, we're so great and prosperous and lucky..."

2) DULL formats. Let's face it, everyone writes an annual letter. True, it would be better to stay in touch with your friends throughout the year, but these letters may be the only time in a year that people hear from you. You may as well spice things up a bit. I'm thinking of adding some completely fabricated things, just to see if people are paying attention.

3) More than 2 pages. I look forward to reading friends' letters, but my eyes start to glaze over come page 3 or 4.

OK, the holiday station is off the fritz. (Is that even a phrase?) I'd better seize my chance and start this letter...or wrap. I think I'll wrap. Highly recommended: dollar stores when you're buying little gifts or prizes for your students. I'm having a Christmas party for my piano students on Saturday; everyone gets a gift, we'll have prizes for games, and I only spent $12!

Have a great weekend! Is anyone going to a holiday party? Remember: friends don't let friends drink too much egg nog.

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