Monday, December 11, 2006

Late dinner and the wiz

The Wizard of Oz is on TV, possibly my favourite movie of all time. I got home an hour ago and popped a chicken casserole into the oven. It's a late dinner for us. Dave won't be home until 10pm anyway. Juries Sunday through Tuesday--and the students think they have it bad! Poor professors! (I say that as I no longer have to play juries...nerve-racking!)

Christmas letter update: Finished! I'll probably post it on the blog a little closer to Christmas. We're mailing it to fewer people this year, opting for emails instead. Like our friends Rachel and Kedron said, most people just throw out the cards, and less than half of the people we send them to return the gesture. Too cynical? For the most part, I still send it year after year to old friends, and it's a little sad when I don't hear anything back. I don't need a Christmas card...I'm just trying to stay in touch. Making the sad decision to cut someone from our list is like saying goodbye to those friendships. I guess that's why I kept sending the cards...I didn't want to say goodbye.

Ahhh..."Somewhere Over the Rainbow"...mmmm...that makes me happier.

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