Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's, like, a make-over!

After a TERRIBLE rehearsal this morning (I should probably not get into this on a public blog...let's just say this group is not ready for their concert tomorrow), I met my friend Tracy at Jordan Creek (the insanely busy mall in West Des's almost like it was a Saturday a few weeks before for a day at the salon. We paid a $30 registration fee, and we got complimentary massages, facials, makeup applications and haircuts. On top of that, the $30 was given back to us on a gift card, which we used to buy whatever we wanted or apply to future services. What a deal! I guess they were counting on wooing customers to their salon. Well, we were there for several hours past our appointment time, so they didn't woo us there. We got separated, so the girly salon day didn't pan out (strike 2). And I may have gotten food poisening from the snacks they had out. I can't think of anything else I've eaten today that would have upset my stomach. I had even stayed clear of the dips next to the crackers (I had no idea how long they'd been out...I suspect there were other sick clients). On the plus side, I got some free stuff, a nice haircut (while I'm trying to grow out my hair, it's nice to have some shape), and decent makeup.

I have a concert with [anonymous ensemble] tomorrow afternoon. It's interesting to sit in on concerts like this. I feel like a pinch-hitter, and I guess I am in a way. I know we should be there to encourage the younger musicians, but sometimes it seems easier to be pulled down than to pull them up. I'll have to concentrate a little harder tomorrow. I have two pretty good new reeds though...that'll carry me through, right?

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Karmen said...

Cute hair :) I like it!